“Without LIFT I don’t even think my son would be here today”

Mother of the first ‘walk’ participant in 2008

“In 14 years of being a Juvenile Justice Officer I have NEVER seen a program engage so well and ever achieve 100% attendance from ALL the participants - they could not wait to get in every day”

Juvenile Justice Officer

"At DALE we are always looking for alternative approaches to engage our students in real-life learning, build thier skills and self confidence. The LIFT program has bought all these together in a fantastic way and has improved school morale"

Mr Kevin Berger, Principal of D.A.L.E. Christian School

"I have never participated in a program that has the capacity to challenge clients and workers...it created an environment where you bond with your clients where the power imbalance is no longer evident"

Senior NYSAL Case Manager

"I really didn't expect the program to have any relevance to what I was going through, but it hit me on the day I walked in ...this is not going to be about flying. The program helped me let go and start to appreciate the effort I have made and the things I have made it through. LIFT helped me put things back on track...with execise and eating and just life in general. I know this sounds cliche...how does that happen in three days, but it does...anytime I doubt myself I just think back to LIFT. It was the very best thing that could have happened. I hope you know that I can use the things I have learnt to help me achieve my dreams"

NYSAL client, 2012